Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Little Friend

I have been blessed for the past seven years to have a faithful friend in the form of a Shetland Sheepdog named Juno. This past Valentine's Day I took the plunge and added a new member to our animal family, a seven week old Sheltie that I've named Echo. I'll admit that I was somewhat concerned as to how Juno would feel about a new dog in the family but since she's always been a dog that is friendly to all doggie visitors, I hoped that she would be happy to have a new friend.
When we brought the new puppy home, I set it on the floor in front of Juno and stood by watching her reaction carefully. Juno stood for a moment staring at the new puppy and then went in search of one of her doggie toys which she dropped in front of the newcomer and then stepped back and waited for the puppy to play with the toy. She had accepted the puppy. Actually, she has more than accepted the puppy. In the past few days, they have become almost inseparable. Juno is showing patience that I never knew she possessed in her every day dealings with little Echo. Those puppy teeth are sharp and Echo yields them like the little terror she is. But she also wags her tail with joy every morning when she first sees her bigger friend. Thank God for love which comes in many forms!